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The Lady In Question (2003)

The Lady in Question (2003)
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The Lady In Question (2003)
The Lady In Question (2003)

About book: Post listen review: I went into this thinking I would want to give it negative stars and chuck it out the window which is how I have felt about most of the romance books I have listened to in my effort to listen to all the fictional audiobooks at the library. But to my great surprise this one was actually ok. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying anyone should go out and read romance books (they mostly suck really badly) but if you absolutely have to read or listen to one, this is the one you should choose. At least in the A section of the library. The premise was pretty funny and kind of enjoyable. It's set in London in the 1880's. A woman has married a man who was killed a week later. She never loved the man and is now a widow who has a large family fortune and has been left a hefty sum by her late husband. The scandal of her running off with the husband is mostly blowing over because a. he is now dead and b. her sister is able to spin it so that she was madly in love with the husband. The truth is she never cared that much for the husband but now is labeled a "woman of experience" and figures she might as well become one.To add to that, she is unaware of the fact that her husband was a spy for the state and killed because of it. He had been looking into her family to see if he could find some papers critical to the government before he was killed. Unbeknownst to the woman is that her butler is actually a Viscount masquerading as a butler. The Viscount is a spy and contemporary of the woman's husband and trying to finish what the husband started. The woman, Delia, is charmed by the Viscount in public and private and confides in her butler not knowing they are one and the same. You can probably guess how that turns out. No, really you can.This book has some funny old people in it which I always like in books. The Effington women all seem to be prone to scandal and not one of them thinks Delia's is very bad at all. They hold a whole "tribunal" to discuss scandals and the grandmother is particularly funny.There is also some genuinely (and for once in a romance book intentionally) funny dialougue. "He really is an honorable man... What a pity." And there is a scene in Hyde park involving a camel that was truly laugh inducing. But not in an I can't believe this is so bad way.Still it is a romance and so has the following- A rakish rogue who may actually be rakish but is not at all a rogue. A friend who is appalled and excited by the romance (this time it's a twin sister)Shopping. Well ok, redecorating but it amounts to the same thing which is an excuse for women to get together and gossip. But of course this time the butler is there to hear about it and uses the whole thing to his advantage.Rich dudes. No one in romance books is poor. This is no exception. But for a change the woman really doesn't need the money and isn't that impressed with the nice things the guy could buy for her since she is loaded too. (Well ok maybe she was impressed with the camel to some extent but that was a rental)Happy ending. But this time I wasn't going man I would hate to meet these people. All this earns this book an unprecedented second star from me for a romance. But don't think that means the next romance will get a second star. It's going to at least have to have a camel in it for that!Pre-listen guess: I am guessing I am going to hate this.

This was my first in the series, and I found it very enjoyable. Likable characters, several unexpected and fun plot twists, and classic mistaken identity switcheroos (ah yes! But she doesn't know that I know she knows!).It started well, and had an excellent finish, but felt a little long in through the middle. At around the 50% mark, the action seemed to slow down noticeably, and there was quite a lot of dialog that didn't seem to advance the plot. This minor flaw was very excusable, since the characters were so pleasant and well drawn that it was enjoyable to simply 'hang out' with them for a while.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance by Victoria Alexander. Adventure, wit, passion, and mystery as we solve the who's and whys of the novel Alexander created. Strong characters who "fall" from their expectations of love and marriage after being with one another. After reading about Delia Effington, I now want to find out about her twin sister's story next.Picked this one up from the library and while I enjoyed the story, I doubt this would be one I'd run to get a copy of to keep for my shelves and/or re-read over again. THREE STARS...
Cassandra and Philedelphia Effington are identical twins. Everyone keeps an eye on Cassie as she is the one who is outspoken and most likely to cause a scandal, they thought.Seems Delia wanted the exciting grand adventure and found it in the flirting a well known rogue, Charles Wilmont. She is soon married to avoid a scandal and within four days, a widow.Delia went into hiding with a distant aunt and now she has returned to London in her mourning clothes. It has been six months since her husbands death. She has an odd mixture of house servants. Gordan her butler becmes her close friend and confidant. Mrs Miller, the cook and housekeeper, can neither clean nor cook. And Mac, well who knows about the Scot. What Delia don't know is that they are all working for the government and watching over her. That her husband was an agent and whoever murdered him might come after her. Also she did not know that her old butler Gordan was also the handsome Anthony St. Stephens, a Viscount.This book keeps the intrigue through out. You are never sure whether Charles really died or who may have killed him.*sexual situations
Lady Wilmont, formerly Delia Effington, was married for a little less than three days when her husband was murdered. She married him somewhat precipitously, causing a scandal, but now she's been in mourning for seven months and it's beginning to feel like punishment. What she doesn't know is that her former husband was a spy and left some very important papers hidden in her house. Now a new spy, Anthony, Viscount St. Stephens, has been installed in her house, disguised as an elderly butler. The more Tony learns more about this "scandalous" widow, the more he is interested to learn. In fact, Delia seems rather tame, if somewhat bullheaded. He decides to approach Delia as himself and finds that she is attracted to him too. How can he reveal his secret? But will she every trust him again? And where are the papers her former husband hid?Better than Cassandra's story but definitely a book I liked better when I was younger.
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