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Swan Road (2001)

Swan Road (2001)
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Swan Road (2001)
Swan Road (2001)

About book: ''Swan Road'' By Rebecca Brendewyne has a realistic view of vikings-their way of life and their customs etc. But what really interested me was the romance between the heroine,Rhowenna and Hero,Wulfgar. First of all, Find me a viking as sweet and endearing as Wulfgar-anyone? No? Okay.This Guy does EVERYTHING for Rhowenna-EVERYTHING. He is more then willing to give up all he owns for her, and loves her from the moment he lays eyes on her.The heroine, Rhowenna, who is often confused about her feelings of desire and longing for Wulfgar is also endearing and a wonderful character-they both have heart and even in their story which I believe is different to everyday type of Viking romance they are relatable.The only thing I didn't like about this novel was the amount of rape mention--The heroine is not raped-due to Wulfgar's protection etc etc-by him or others. However, Morgen-a maid who works for Rhowenna(and pretends to be her in order to save Rhowanna) is raped like...alot. She does get a happy ending too. But it's kinda bitter sweet.I know it may seem childish of me, but even knowing from history books and whatnot, that Vikings tended to rape and pilage-I would have prefured something less realilic.ALL THE SAME! I really enjoyed ''Swan Road'' and Think you,dear reader, should go READ it!As usual, I totally saw a blonde Heath Ledger(from a Knight's tale because any hero with blonde hero for me just is Heath OKAY?) as My Wulfgar.Playlist:Tell me now(what you see)-MoyaPromontory-The Last Of The Mohicans soundtrackEnya - May It Be
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