Series: Blandish's Orchids And Dave Fenner

Author: James Hadley Chase

The Flesh Of The Orchid (1982)
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Carol Blandish was the voluptuous daughter of Miss Blandish, and only granddaughter of millionaire John Blandish. The trouble was that she had been conceived when her mother had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped by mentally degenerate Slim Grissom. Carol herself suffers from a split personality...
No Orchids For Miss Blandish (1998)
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”Slim, still grinning, held the knife-point just below Riley’s navel and put his weight on the handle. The knife went in slowly as if it were going into butter. Riley drew his lips back. HIs mouth opened. There was a long hiss of expelled breath as he stood there. Tears sprang from his eyes. Slim...